Lean Inception

What is inception

Getting to rapid alignment on team vision and goals

What is an MVP

  • Minimum
  • Viable
  • Product

Why a lean inception

Morning Afternoon
Monday Introduce the inception, kick off, and Write the Product Vision The product Is – Is not – Does – Does not
Tuesday Describe the Personas Discover the Features
Wednesday Technical and Business Review Show the User Journeys
Thursday Display Features in Journeys Sequence the Features
Friday Build the MVP Canvas Showcase the results to those interested in the project

Write the Production Vision

  • For [final client],
  • whose [problem that needs to be solved],
  • the [name of the product],
  • is a [product category],
  • that [key-benefits, reason to buy it].
  • Different from [competition alternative],
  • our product [key-difference].

Write the Production Vision


  • For soccer players,
  • whose hard to find soccer matches,
  • the Easy-bola,
  • is a mobile app,
  • that makes it easy to find matches.
  • Different from Facebook group,
  • our product maximizes the chances of finding a pick-up soccer game.

The product is - is not - does - does not

Understanding Goals

Describe the Personas

Discover the Features

Technical and Business Review

Show the User Journeys

soccer dude: invite friends for a match

  • wakes up early for work
  • eats a big breakfast
  • ...
  • opens Easy-bola mobile app
  • register the match for 8:00 pm that evening
  • fills the information about the court he booked
  • sends invitation to friends

Display Features in Journeys

work buddy: accepting invites for a match

Step Feature
wakes up late for work -
eats a cereal bar in the subway -
arrives at work at 9:30 am -
goes to gym at lunch time -
during a meeting, gets an alert from easy-bola alert mode
checks match information match details
checks the field ranking field ranking
RSVP to match RSVP
leaves meeting to another meeting -
at 5:14 pm gets match confirmation alert of confirmed match

Sequence the Features

Feature MVP
register match 1
register player 1
search matches with geolocation 1
confirm presence 2
match details 2
cancel presence 2
cancel match 3
notification module 3
notification of confirmed match 3
notification of canceled match 3
financial details of match 3
invite friend to match 4
ranking of players (visualization) 4

Build the MVP Canvas

The Final Artifact


Thank You